Saturday, June 19, 2010

by the way

What would you do when you click on a site but will have to wait minutes until it finally loads? The first time I experienced this, I waited patiently. It took almost five minutes to finish. Really! But I waited because my boss told me to get the contact numbers of that company. But what if you were just surfing, hoping to find something unusual or interesting? Would you wait? No, I don't think so.

I asked a friend (a techie) what causes a website or blogsite to load so slow? Big sized photos. So, what could be done? I asked again. Jpeg it. And if your camera has high resolution, lower it. What's ironic is that many sites are still loading slow. When I got a review on Sally's Musings, I was told that he (the one who reviewed) found my posts engaging and interesting but my site loads very slow. He suggested to have my photos downsized. I did what he suggested right away which took me two hours to do. But it was worth it.

Unless your site is purely a photoblog, uploading photos only as your posts is boring. I sometimes do that especially when I can't find topics to write about (or just being plain lazy!) But of course, if your photo is a work of art that paints a thousand words, now that is really cool.

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