Tuesday, March 31, 2009

posted again!

I have posted this drawing before in my other blog (sally's musings) but that's not reason enough why I shouldn't do it here. I love this drawing : )

morning ritual

1. wake up at 5:00 A.M.
2. that bathroom thing
3. have coffee (and biscuits if hungry)
4. I haven't thought of this before: I always look at my reflection in the mirror (hand-held, oval) to check if I look O.K...I tend to have eye bags if I spent too much time at the computer. So I'll be sitting on my bed holding the mirror, and turn left. Why left? Because when I turn right, I would be facing the window and the foliage outside would make my face look greenish. ..so I turn left. I would still look like me but at least not like a creature from Mars or from the set of Twilight.
5. breakfast (and more coffee : (
6. dress for office
7. actually, there's no number 7...at the office, there's no way of knowing what happens next...what with talented techies and smart ideas bumping like protons gone wild...no, just kidding... it's true about the first one though.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Books and bookmarks

You never quit on books...you may stop reading for days or months but you always come back to it. The good part of not reading books for a long time is that you treat each of your favorite as if new..even if you knew exactly how a story ends, reading it from the beginning, chapter after chapter, is like opening doors and finding what's inside and thrill you the second.. third time around. Sometimes you'll find a page with a bookmark which could be anything-a folded table napkin, a bus ticket, a photograph, a feather..anything that marks a page as favorite or where you stopped. And then memories come crawling back.

I found one bookmark as I read Alone by Rod McKuen. It was a poem which I wrote years ago on a notebook page...and (don't laugh at me now) it goes like this:

the hills are calling
i hear it in the wind
and smell it in wafts of ylangylang blooms...
somewhere at the foot of the hills
awaits someone

I didn't write it for someone special..I was just smitten by Rod McKuen's poems and tried to write one...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Blogging, anyone?

Seems like everybody's blogging here. Meme has Memerdz, Junrey has myITworld, Dalareich has Beauty, Tej has her Techie Blues and Tere with Inkcode. (I could fill this space with blogsites but don't worry. I won't.) And all because someone started it, the rest of us followed. But somehow, Inday Jo's Meant to be Treasured got most of the "clicks"...

P.S. By the way, this post is really about making links. Thanks to Jojo. He made it really sound so simple when he taught me how.