Tuesday, March 31, 2009

morning ritual

1. wake up at 5:00 A.M.
2. that bathroom thing
3. have coffee (and biscuits if hungry)
4. I haven't thought of this before: I always look at my reflection in the mirror (hand-held, oval) to check if I look O.K...I tend to have eye bags if I spent too much time at the computer. So I'll be sitting on my bed holding the mirror, and turn left. Why left? Because when I turn right, I would be facing the window and the foliage outside would make my face look greenish. ..so I turn left. I would still look like me but at least not like a creature from Mars or from the set of Twilight.
5. breakfast (and more coffee : (
6. dress for office
7. actually, there's no number 7...at the office, there's no way of knowing what happens next...what with talented techies and smart ideas bumping like protons gone wild...no, just kidding... it's true about the first one though.

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