Thursday, February 26, 2009

never too old for blogs

Last night I spent four hours looking for blogs to follow. It's interesting to note that most of the blogs I like were written by mature women. Their posts are well thought of and absorbing and their photos are amazingly beautiful. I don't have to explain further why I like their blogs, do I?

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  1. I just received your comment on my blog:

    I don't know if you read all the posts, but besides the one where I mentioned my dad serving with MacArthur, further down the blog I (again) mentioned the bravery of the people who helped our soldiers.

    My dad said one time he remembered a very young boy running with food in his shirt to bring to the troops. He said he was followed by his mother; she was bringing water.

    My dad was on Luzon and Borneo; he said when they were given relief from fighting, the villagers would give them food; sing and dance for them - he said it made for a wonderful break from the miseries of war.

    I checked your four blogs; all very nice.

    You say you like blogs written by mature women; I'm 67 - so I thought I'd mention my age because you probably will fit me into that 'mature' category (smile).

    You can write me at

    I will give you the names of 3 others who live in the Philippines - you might like to exchange messages too.

    My regards, Diane - Laughlin, Nevada, USA